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Submission wishes is an integral part of all kinds of holidays and occasions such as birthdays or name days. The words spoken in the wishes often shrug, set in the memory, give birth or perpetuate the ties between us with their audience. Good words spoken in the direction of a loved one are an expression of respect and sympathy. However, few of us know now how come so natural for us to tradition receipt of birthday wishes.
Birthdays, or the feast of handling the date of birth, derived from the ancient Roman religion. In contrast, the early Christians ignore these celebrations, and in return they worshiped anniversary of name-and death.
However, in medieval Europe, it was believed in the existence of good and evil spirits. According to the beliefs of the anniversary of the birth of evil spirits could do harm jubilatowi. Therefore, relatives and friends surrounded him having desires to protect against evil. Hence, a birthday party and wishes become a tradition that protects the birthday

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